Numero Uno on my bucketlist

As I slide down the other side of the hill (and let’s face it – at 52 I’m only middle-aged if I live to 104), I have begun to think that if I’m going to have a bucketlist, it’s time I start drawing it up.

I was going to post them Letterman style starting at 10, but with all the possibilities, I thought that would be too limiting, so without further ado, I give you number ONE:

The Giza Necropolis

Giza Plateau, Egypt 

"Moon Over Egypt Redux"

 “Moon Over Egypt Redux” by Butchen on

(click-through the picture to see it in its full size glory)

When I was a child I dreamed of being an Archeologist and more specifically an Egyptologist.  I do still dream of visiting the place that gave birth to a million daydreams (which kept me from being the kind of student who was ever likely to become an Archeologist).


One thought on “Numero Uno on my bucketlist

  1. It is so worth it to go. To walk around and touch the outside of the pryamids is magical but to actually climb inside a pyramid is indescribable and an experience that you will never ever forget. It’s so weird because the city is so close to the pyramids but you don’t see that in the pictures.
    I loved that the guards roam around on camels (well, not that the camels were being used that way but that that it was so amazing that they weren’t in cars or on motorcycles).
    Hope you get to go, and plan on staying for a while. I was there for 2 weeks and it was not nearly enough time. I didn’t to see lower Egypt at all. I will go back some day.

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